Glasses Free 3D


What is Ultra-D?

The Stream TV Networks 65-inch commercial grade digital signage panel incorporates a 65-inch 4K LED backlit panel integrated with Stream TV Networks glasses-free Ultra-D optical overlay, proprietary rendering and Ultra-D real time conversion processor.

The Ultra-D Glasses Free 3D Digital Signage Display provides the ability to automatically schedule and play pre-converted Ultra-D content from a Content Management System (CMS) via USB.  

Glasses Free 3D Digital Signage Display’s real time conversion technology converts 2D or 3D Stereoscopic (with Glasses) content to Glasses Free Ultra-D in real time.  This means all content delivered via one of the unit's HDMI inputs can be viewed in Glasses Free Ultra-D.  Devices such as Blu-Ray Players, Cable and Satellite Receivers, Media Players, even Video Cameras can take advantage of the integrated conversion technology.


How does Ultra-D work? 

Utilizing a proprietary optical stack, an Ultra-D panel is able to refract and defract pixels, which, in concert with the rendering engine, is able to create a stereoscopic image from a single 4K panel. Along with properly formatted content, the Stream TV Network 65-inch monitor is able to accept preformatted 3D content via HDMI or can convert 2D images on the fly.


Why use Ultra-D?

With the ability to easily convert any existing digital advertising content to 3D, initial studies conducted in the US suggest a 45% attention increase when advertising in 3D over 2D, leading to a 30% increase in sales. Ultra-D technology integrates into existing environments and is perfect for a broad range of applications from live events, film & TV, digital signage and video games.


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