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November 29, 2021 3:20:51 PM PST November 29, 2021 3:20:51 PM PSTth, November 29, 2021 3:20:51 PM PST

Project: Randwick Mounting Yard Signage

Scope: Perimeter Fence & LED Cube

Integrator: Precision Industries

Every racecourse needs a big LED screen at the winning post. For example, there’s a racecourse in Kentucky with a world-beating 52m-wide display... no doubt an even larger one is being planned elsewhere.

The Australian Turf Club (ATC) has gone one better. Perhaps not in engaging in a ‘who’s got the biggest’ contest for the world’s largest winning post screen but in its approach to a unified rollout of digital across Rosehill and Randwick — including the (okay, if we have to) world’s largest home straight, trackside LED.

The ATC has partnered with PMY, a company that takes the financial risk of investing in the technology in exchange for some of the upside of sponsorships and advertising.

PMY engaged Precision Industries to install LED into the mounting yard of Randwick, called the Theatre of the Horse.

Off To The Races

The project entailed installing LED around the full perimeter of the mounting yard theatre, some 130 metres. Precision Industries, turned to Australian LED manufacturer, Aurora to supply the 3mm pixel pitch, outdoor LED.

It was a painstaking job given the extensive curved sections. The 600mm cabinets were placed into position after mapping out the perimeter using CAD, laser rangefinders, string and stakes. But even then the final finetuning required days of trial and error, sometimes in driving rain.

“Often it was literally a matter of millimetres,” recalls Precision Industries’ General Manager, Feraaz Abrahams. “One evening we were working away in horizontal rain while the ATC board was meeting above us in the Owners’ Pavilion. I think they got an appreciation of the attention to detail required and the dedication required to get the job done.”

A bespoke job requires bespoke brackets and posts. “That was one of the key reasons for dealing with an Australian LED company like Aurora,” confirms Feraaz. “We were able to discuss our requirements with Aurora boss Matt (Vawser) who could talk us through what brackets we’d need and how to get the job completed. Everything was custom.”

The result is outstanding. Glamorous crowds attract blue ribbon sponsors which are delighted with how their brands are being displayed — vibrantly, dynamically and innovatively. At other times, the ATC uses the perimeter LED ribbon to display horse and jockey vital statistics in a way that keeps punters and fans informed.

Facing Up To The Cube

Elsewhere in the mounting yard precinct, Precision Industries devised The Cube, a 2x2x2m LED - based display solution. The LED technology is from Aurora while Precision Industries designed and engineered it into a ready - to - go standalone product.

“Originally, we built The Cube with its own power generator onboard, for ultimate portability,” recalls Feraaz.

“Unfortunately, the power requirements of the LED would mean the noise of the generator would be untenable. Instead we run three - phase power to The Cube, which houses all the processing required.”

The LED shrouds are bevelled to minimise the bezel between facets of The Cube. The result is seamless and stunning.

Smart marketers are already latching onto The Cube’s possibilities by producing 3D content utilising all available facets of the display to create eye - catching content.