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November 26, 2021 5:04:47 PM PST November 26, 2021 5:04:47 PM PSTth, November 26, 2021 5:04:47 PM PST

Project: The Remington Orange

Scope: Philips MediaSuite Hospitality TV

Integrator: Capital Interactive Systems

Remington Hotels is a new Australian hotel group offering luxury corporate accommodation in the regions. The test site was The Remington Muswellbrook and now the second iteration is located in the boomtown of Orange, three and half hours west of Sydney.

The Remington is leveraging technology to provide luxury. Where a big-city hotel, with a thousand rooms in Main Street, will traditionally offer luxury via a cast of thousands attending to your every move/whim, The Remington combines customer service with a superior tech offering to iron out every kink a weary corporate traveller normally experiences.

A fully-integrated Oracle back end will allow guests to book and pay for the room, with the electronic key sent directly to the guest’s smart phone. The guest’s device not only accesses their room but the hotel after hours. Once in the room, The Remington ensures broadband internet access is on tap and makes it easy to download the room service menu via a QR code on the in-room TV.

In fact, the Philips 55-inch 4K Hotel TV acts as the primary hub for The Remington Orange to communicate with guests.

Big Screen

A 55-inch Philips MediaSuite Hospitality TV is a large display, but according to The Remington’s Hotel Group Manager, the screen size wasn’t negotiable.

Grant Gill: “I think it’s critical. In a city location, it’s a bit different. City hotel rooms are a bit more pinchy and the TVs tend not to be used quite as much. Around 90% of our guests are travelling for business. In the city they’re more likely to go out for dinner or to a bar, while we’ve found that our guests are more likely to eat in and perhaps sit up in bed and watch a movie. The TV is more important.”

The Philips Hotel TV has built-in Chromecast such that guests can cast straight from their phone or laptop. This is no longer a luxury or a curiosity, according to Grant Gill:

“It’s becoming expected now. Guests have Netflix on their device or they’ve got downloaded content their watching, or they cast to the TV when they’re chatting to their family back home on the big screen. Casting is now part of life, especially life on the road for business travellers.”

Selecting 4K screens might seem a little like ‘overkill’ but again Grant Gill considers this feature more like a standard expectation these days.

“It’s hard to find a new HD TV now, it’s all 4K, and there’s more and more 4K content that our guests are consuming, so that was another non-negotiable.”

Back-End Power

As you’d expect, the Philips Hotel TVs are all networked onto the hotel’s LAN. The Philips CMND software allows staff to schedule and push content to the in-room TVs. According to Grant Gill they’re only just coming to grips with the power of the solution.

“We’ll greet guests with a compendium page on the TV when they arrive, with some check-in information. We also push some advertising slides to the TVs, telling guests about specials, cocktail of the month, ‘what’s on’ magazine-style information, that sort of thing. We can push content to individual screens or group bookings, which can be handy if we have 20 rooms booked for a wedding and we can personalise our messaging. We’re still working on a couple of GUIs on the back end for our staff to make more of the power of CMND.”

Guest Experience

Grant and his team have identified a niche in the market. Business travellers — medical, mining, agriculture and more — are demanding mod-cons and frictionless interactions more than they are a bell hop and a shoe shine. Technology can be the answer or the problem depending on who you partner with and how it’s integrated.

“Our dealings with Westan and [Hospitality Channel Manager] Richie Cheng have been excellent — I have a lot of time and respect for what they’ve done to make the deal happen and the level of follow-through to ensure the installation was successful, was all at a high level.”

Hotel TVs are no longer simply an entertainment or AV product, they’re increasingly an IT product,” explains Westan’s Richie Cheng. “As such, you need the right integration partner. In this case, Capital Interactive Systems was excellent. Thankfully, Grant and his team understood the importance of installing and integrating the technology properly and has given the Hotel TV network its best start.”

And the result?

Grant Gill: “It really comes back to the customer experience, start to finish. We want the guest’s experience to be smooth all the way through. The Philips Hotel TVs are a big part of that experience and we couldn’t be happier.”