Veriu Green Square Hotel

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December 31, 2019 12:00:00 PM PST December 31, 2019 12:00:00 PM PSTst, December 31, 2019 12:00:00 PM PST

Project: Veriu Green Square Hotel, Sydney

Scope: Philips MediaSuite Hotel TVs


Veriu is an emerging hotel brand that’s tapping into the serviced apartment trend, but with a contemporary twist.

Veriu’s latest property is in Green Square, Sydney. The new 144-room hotel is built on the original Australian store site of Mercedes-Benz.

The rooms feature some of the latest display tech, including Philips MediaSuite TVs. The Philips in-room TVs run on the Android operating system and feature integrated support for Google Chromecast. The TVs thrive in the current BYOD world — where guest’s entertainment is all sitting on their phone and laptop, and they’re after a quick and easy connection.



Veriu Marketing Manager, Damien Bonal, elaborates: “Veriu’s core target market is short and long stay corporate travellers. As such, it’s essential we offer versatile and flexible spaces that act as a home or office away from home and with that comes the responsibility to provide the best in technology, to provide a seamless experience for our guests. We’ve done so by partnering with Philips, to fit out each room with TVs that allow guests to easily cast from their own mobile phones, laptops and tablets, complimented by power outlets with USB ports near the beds. Our cleverly configured and contemporary spaces are designed to accommodate the modern traveller, meeting the rise in demand for constant connectivity to personal devices.”



Integrating Chromecast into the TV is a real game changer. For years, hotel operators have been complaining that Chromecast dongles have been disappearing from their rooms more often than the bathrobes — no such problems with Philips MediaSuite TVs.

Damien Bonal explains further: “We knew we wanted a casting solution for our new hotel but the solutions we came across were quite cost prohibitive. Around the same time Philips reached out to us to tell us they had a shipment arriving of their brand new hotel TVs with built-in Chromecast. After initial talks, they went above and beyond to increase their shipment so as to supply enough product for our 144-room hotel opening.”



It’s not just the in-room experience that hotel management are enamoured with. Philips’ CMND management software allows the hotel to easily personalise the in-room TV’s UI. CMND also provides hotel-wide network monitoring. They also love the fact the Android OS allows them to upgrade their in-room TVs without upgrading the hardware — OS updates help to keep the TVs looking fresh over time.

Damien Bonal is delighted: “Philips’ new technology is really helping us to deliver that seamless experience to our guests, just like if they were at home.”



The Veriu Hotels & Suites brand is set to grow exponentially in the next three years. Veriu will launch into Victoria from 2022 with two projects in Melbourne – the first, Veriu Collingwood, in partnership with Gurner TM, followed by Veriu Queen Victoria Market with Melbourne-based developer PDG Corporation. Together, the two Victorian additions will increase the portfolio to about 600 rooms and apartments operating or in development under the Veriu Brand.