Philips Mediasuite: Now with Built In Chromecast

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06 March 2019


Philips Professional Display Solutions has launched an innovative new MediaSuite range that, for the first time, offers Chromecast built-in, as well as full access to the Google Play Store. Each of the new models features the Philips Professional Display Solutions Android-based OS, with extended lifetime to ensure the TVs maintain the latest security enhancements and remain up-to-date for much longer. New features:

• Chromecast built-in allows instant, secure casting from portable devices in up to 4K resolution.

• Extended lifetime Android OS updates ensures TVs are kept secure and remain to the latest technology for longer.

• Google Play Store directly available via TV, delivering full access to thousands of Apps.

• Google-certified, demonstrating complete product and service assurance.

• Instant customer satisfaction survey content option allows hotels to collect valuable feedback before the guest has checked out.

• Detailed usage statistics available for each and every MediaSuite TV.



These new MediaSuite products offer new levels of performance, customisation and flexibility to ensure hoteliers always provide their guests with the very latest service and infotainment experience. Philips PDS’ new MediaSuite range includes seven models in two series, one for FHD versions and – for the first time – a series with UHD performance.

The HFL6014U UHD series is available as 43-, 50-, 55- and 65-inch models with slimline, silver bezels and a swivel stand. The HFL5014 FHD series is available in black in 32-, 43- and 50-inch. Both series feature direct LED back lights and high-quality panels to offer superior contrast, black level, brightness and colour saturation to ensure an outstanding picture performance.

Reviewing the MediaSuite range ahead of its launch, Robert Wilhelmsson, Director of concept and product development at Scandic, said: “At Scandic, we make it our mission to create the best hotel experience for our guests – across 55,000 rooms and 2,500 meeting rooms in 280 hotels. Continuously working to discover new and emerging, flexible platforms to support our ambitions, we were very impressed by the new 2019 Philips MediaSuite range.

“With built-in Chromecast technology, an upgradable platform and big data analytics, MediaSuite is the obvious technology choice to support our room of the future roll-out plan.”



Built-in Chromecast functionality offers customers, installers and guests a straightforward connection between MediaSuite TVs and any compatible device, with no login or app download required. Allowing full access to the content on their own device, cast onto their hotel room TV, plus access to Google Play Store – delivering thousands of compatible Apps, including major services such as YouTube, Netflix, Deezer and Spotify, plus local news, weather and traffic information.



Philips PDS’ new MediaSuite products feature the latest user interface, combining desired content, channels and Apps into one intuitive image, logo tile or card-based home screen that can be operated by a simple and minimalist remote control.

Philips PDS’ MediaSuite also provides a broad base of customisation for the home screen. At the most basic level, professional TV customers can choose to change colours, logos and the backdrop directly on each TV, while, at the most sophisticated level, clients can build their own bespoke home screen.



MediaSuite products can help hoteliers offer a more targeted service to their guests. An on-screen customer satisfaction survey can offer instant feedback on a guest’s current service satisfaction – in time for a response to be made rather than after negative comments have appeared on or TripAdvisor.

Providing invaluable management information, each MediaSuite TV can also provide a statistics report to show which are the most popular Apps and services, how many times they are used and how long they are used for.

Meanwhile, for customers who do not have the required IP infrastructure, Philips PDS offers an optional DOCSIS modem featuring an extremely compact design that is powered directly from the TV and mounted invisibly to prevent easy theft.