Over 75 years ago

Something very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas.

In 1946 Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) – genius, madman and maverick – designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn loudspeaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room. He was an American audio pioneer and a true eccentric. PWK gave rise to speaker research and invention that would forever impact generations of music lovers.

Today, in this honored tradition, we move forward, pushing the boundaries of art and science – while driving new technologies – to deliver an ever-incredible listening experience. Remember great sound? We never forgot.

We are the Keepers of the Sound.

Why Klipsch?

Every Klipsch speaker is driven by the four critical philosophies of speaker design - pioneered by our founder, Paul W. Klipsch.

High Efficiency

The highest sound output for a given wattage input

Low Distortion

Even the softest sounds are heard with clarity and detail, the loudest sounds without harshness or distortion

Controlled Directivity

The accurate projection of sound which, in turn, allows even distribution of sound in a given area

Controlled Frequency Response

Producing the required response to maximize various acoustic environments