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Shopfront LED


Project: Shopfront LED

Scope: Aurora LED

Integrator:  Aria Digital Screens


Matt Cornelissen, Director of Aria Digital Screens, weighs up the advantages of large format LED wall as an LCD video wall replacement in shopfront retail applications:

LED walls have become a serious contender to replace video walls in many retail shopfront applications. It’s not a case of one being entirely superior to the other; there’s a case for both. But LED is increasingly becoming part of the conversation when I’m talking to retailers. My first observation: retail is incredibly competitive. If you’re operating in a shopping mall, you’re no doubt surrounded by big names and amazing retail fitouts — Uniqlo, TopShop, Zara… they’re all international mega-brands and you’ve got to find a way to stand out.To stand out you need enough brightness to get your colours to pop. Plus you need enough size.


LED generally wins out on the brightness battle compared with the equivalent commercial LCD panel. LED walls will give you the power to really pop. And in a shopfront situation where you’re competing against other retailers and sometimes natural sunlight, you really need that extra brightness.


LED walls are hard to beat on size as well. There are obviously many variables when it comes to size and resolution but LED can give you the flexibility to achieve larger sizes with zero bezel.


While I’m on the topic of size. One thing you can do with LED and not with a video wall is choose your own bespoke screen ratio. Aria Digital Screens recently installed an Aurora LED wall display into a retailer into The Glen’s redeveloped fashion precinct. The screen is a 2.4mm pixel pitch and stands 2.88m high by 2.4m wide. That’s not a standard screen ratio. In fact, the screen size was picked to fit neatly into the available shopfront real estate. Try doing that with a conventional display or video wall!


Viewing distance is another important factor in your decision. Your shopfront displays are primarily there to attract passing foot traffic. With this in mind, screen resolution doesn’t need to be super-fine. But customers are also likely to approach the display so you don’t want to be too lo-res and look cheap at close quarters. To return to the example of our retail client at The Glen, they initially requested 4mm pixel pitch but we encouraged them to go with the finer 2.4mm pitch. They’ve been delighted with the result and the display stands up to close scrutiny. I should add that if the client’s content included harder to read text and detail then we would need to explore the video wall option — hi-def commercial panels will do that better than LED; at least until super-fine pixel pitch LED comes down in price.


LED hasn’t be a viable shopfront display option for long. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that shopfront LED from a few years back is already looking tired and lo-res. But the technology now is at a point that with the right position, content and size, it’s an excellent solution.


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