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Sportsgirl, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Project: Sportsgirl, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Scope: 36 x 55-inch Philips Commercial displays

Integrator: FM Digital


Chadstone Shopping Centre is where retail fortunes are made and lost. South of the equator, there’s no place bigger — ‘Chaddie’ rules the retail roost. 

It’s also the arena in which the big guns come out to play — Apple, Uni-Qlo, Chanel...Chadstone Shopping Centre is replete with big-brand marquee outlets. 

Sportsgirl, one of Australia’s best-known fashion brands for nearly 70 years, has recently opened its flagship store in a prominent ground-floor position. Front and centre is one of the most impressive digital signage executions in the country, using 36 x 55-inch Philips commercial displays.

With system integration by digital signage specialists, FM Digital, the jaw-dropping display is arrayed in two synchronised banks either side of the main entrance. Each bank is comprised of three columns of six landscape-oriented panels.

Two Windows/Intel i5-based custom PCs sit behind the video walls hosting the DC Media CMS. Content can fill an entire bank or, alternatively, one column of six panels.

Given the video walls can be accessed from the rear, it simplified installation somewhat. There’s no need to pop out Vogel mounts from the front, all servicing and maintenance can be taken care of behind the scenes.

FM Digital sourced the displays from Westan, and was impressed with the ease of the process: “Initially, I was attracted by the price,” reflects FM Digital boss, Myles Quinn. “With 36 screens on this job, cost was a significant factor, and the Philips package was 25% or more cost effective than the established competition. Saying that, the screens needed to deliver. The narrow bezel is as good as any other, and the three-year 24/7 warranty is also reassuring. Westan’s tech staff know their product and were able to train my team and were able to assist during the install when required. Westan was very responsive throughout the procurement and installation process — it was good to know they were there for us."