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Interactive Display

Technology is advancing so rapidly these days that the concept of interactivity enables us to engage with it in ways we never could have imagined. For example, the interactive whiteboard allows us to deliver presentations and seminars that are truly dynamic, with six touch points that open up exactly what a presentation can do. The interactive whiteboard suppliers at Westan are proud to provide Melbourne businesses, schools, hospitals and other educational facilities with top-of-the-line interactivity solutions.

Products to Help You Get the Most from Your Interactive Whiteboard

Westan stocks a range of essential accessories to help you maximise your interactive digital display experience, including the Infocus Lightcast dongle that allows you to bring interactive display features to life. We also stock the Philips 10BDL3051T Multi-touch Display – powered by Android, this 10" interactive display allows you to discover new levels of interaction"

For the ultimate interactive display experience, get in touch with the leading interactive whiteboard suppliers at Westan. Call us on 1300 963 963 or submit an enquiry online today!