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Philips Digital Signage

Stand out from the competition by installing digital signage as a means of promoting your business or community event. Westan specialises in the supply and installation of Philips digital signage in a wide variety of sizes. Our Philips signage range include options that are powered by Android and takes your business promotion and advertising to the next level. Internal memory stores a cached version of your content, allowing it to continue playing all day, even if the network goes down. Should the cached content fail on you, a secondary backup content player will kick in, ensuring you'll always be able to communicate your desired marketing message on your Philips video wall display.

Digital Signage that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Philips signage supplier Westan can provide a variety of signage solutions to suit a wide range of needs. The Philips Q Line display offers full HD quality on an LED screen to deliver a stunning, life-like picture, while the glasses free 3D display options use Autostereoscopic 3D to bring the picture to life, leaving an impression that will be hard for your potential customers to forget.

For more information about our Philips signage, or to place an order, give Westan a call on 1300 963 963 or contact us online.