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HDMI Splitter & HDMI Converter Products

Unlike an HDMI switcher that sends multiple signals to one display, an HDMI splitter sends one signal to multiple displays. At Westan, we offer a selection of HDMI splitter products for you to choose from as well as HDMI converter systems and more. Whether you need a Binary HDMI splitter that features full HDMI 3D support or a digital to analog audio converter to connect an AppleTV to your audio system, we have you covered. Browse our range online today.

High-Quality Solutions

As a leading HDMI splitter supplier, we can deliver a range of solutions for when you need to send the same HDMI signal to two different displays. You can rest assured that our products will not cause a loss of quality or resolution, making them ideal for applications where televisions are used during the day and projectors are used at night. We also offer a Binary digital to analog audio converter that allows you to connect optical cables to analog switchers and amplifiers.

If you require a high-quality HDMI splitter or HDMI converter for your home theatre system, look no further than the leading HDMI converter distributors at Westan. Contact us today for more information and additional assistance.