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HDMI Switchers

A television is typically the centrepiece of most living rooms, serving as the hub for every available entertainment option. However, things can easily get crowded when Blu-Ray players, video game consoles, digital video recorders and more are installed – and it can be particularly challenging to juggle these systems at once given the limited number of HDMI ports on televisions. Fortunately, HDMI switchers can provide a solution.

The Benefit of Switchers

At Westan, we stock a range of HDMI switchers that expand the number of available ports on your television. This significantly improves the organisation and efficiency of your setup, allowing you to switch between inputs and devices with unparalleled ease without using more than one HDMI port on your television. Whether you need a 3D HDMI switch or an HDBaseT AV receiver, we can help you say goodbye to the constant plugging in and unplugging of devices.

Westan is proud to be a leading Binary HDMI switcher supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our HDMI switchers and HDBaseT receiver products.