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Binary MoIP 10-Bit HDR Firmware Update Announcement

26 Apr, 2019









Dear Valued Partner,


Real 10-bit HDR MoIP is here! Firmware release allows for maximized performance of the latest TVs and projectors, now enabling full brightness and contrast on every install. Attached is a copy of the email communication we will be sending to dealers next week.


In addition to the 10-bit HDR capability – there have been several other bug fixes and system improvements:

  • Fixed IR routing issue where routes for systems with a large number of RXs and TXs weren’t saving.
  • Network settings are now saved and restored in configuration file.
  • Added broadcasting feature for IO Switching so control systems get real-time updates versus polling.
    • Note: to fully utilize this feature, dealers will need to update control system drivers (not required if this feature is not desired).


The new firmware for the controller can be updated via OvrC - once the controller is updated it will push the firmware to all TXs and RXs. The dealer only has to click update in OvrC, BUT the actual update can take (10) minutes plus or minus - depending on the number of endpoints.


Binary MoIP 10-Bit HDR Firmware Update Announcement - Watch the Video Here