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InFocus JTouch 65-inch Capacitive Touch Interactive Display

02 May, 2017

Communicate and connect with your students with the sleek, engaging and affordable 65-inch JTouch capacitive touch interactive display.

The range of InFocus JTouch interactive displays has grown to include a 65-inch model. The aggressively-priced JTouch INF6500e is perfect as a replacement or improvement on the ‘interactive whiteboard’ segment in the education sector.

Simply connect the 65-inch InFocus JTouch touchscreen display to a notebook PC to create a bright, colourful touch experience that engages students in the classroom.

The same ultra-responsive capacitive touchscreen technology that’s so familiar to anyone using a device like an iPad or iPhone is now available on a much larger scale with this bright 65-inch interactive 1080P display.


Feature Highlights:

• Easily access HDMI and USB ports on the front of the display

• Make your content interactive, bright and crisp in any light

• Display a PC, Mac or Chromebook via HDMI and enable touch via USB

• Add an interactive whiteboard and run your Android apps with an optional Android Whiteboard Module

• Compatible with your PC’s interactive whiteboard software

• Anti-glare model also available

• Your images, text and video will be seen and enjoyed even in large classrooms with high ambient light

• Whiteboard and annotation capability with optional BigNote software on your PC

• Display your computer via HDMI, VGA or component video

• Capacitive touch is fast, accurate and only requires a gentle touch

• No calibration required

• Enable touch from your computer via the included USB Type-A cable or go wireless with our LiteShow4 wireless adapter


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