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OvrC Pro Changes Your World

19 Dec, 2016

Araknis OvrC Pro signals the end of expensive non-essential callouts.

OvrC Pro brings in third-party devices under its aegis allowing you to monitor all IP-based devices on a client’s network. With OverC Pro Hub you can find all the devices on your client’s network, set up MAC addresses and even access the web GUI of individual IP devices to setup and configure them remotely.

With more than a reported 20,000 new devices a month being added under OvrC device management, OvrC Pro will be a total godsend. Yes, happy days.


Key Features

•             Scan and monitor all IP devices on the network

•             Securely access local UI of any IP devices remotely

•             View full network health from a single dashboard

•             Track and test ISP performance in real-time or through historical data

•             Customise our client-facing app, OvrC Home, and give to your clients

•             Monitor URC Total Control and Control 4 system processors using OvrC drivers

•             Certifications: CE and FCC


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