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In-Cabinet Rack Solutions

To avoid wasting space within a cabinet, it’s recommended that you make use of in-cabinet shelving. As a commercial cabinet racks distributor, Westan is experienced in the art of maximising storage space.

The rack cabinet shelf products we can provide are designed to make accessing anything within a cabinet far easier than when gear is stacked or loaded up on shelves. Say goodbye to tangled cords and disorganised cabinets – with one of our in-cabinet solutions, you’ll be able to easily arrange your items.

Among cabinet rack wholesalers, it’s known that access to the rear panels of equipment is essential. That’s why we recommend cabinet racks with full rotational capabilities for your convenience.

Ideal for Residential & Commercial Use

Cabinet racks can be taken advantage of in the home as well as the workplace. Full rotation cabinet racks are an effective use of space and make for a more sensible looking and easier to use cabinet.

Find out why Westan is a leading cabinet rack wholesaler in Australia. Browse our range of products online or contact us today for expert advice and assistance.