More and more organizations are accepting a new style of working and this is changing the function of office buildings. Employees are coming to the office to work together and meet guests instead of just coming to work, that can be done in any place or at any time.

However, offering a solution by only creating more meeting rooms and fewer workplaces alone is not enough. Employees are faced with all kinds of challenges in day-to-day reality: long searches for a meeting room or workplace, disruptions during a meeting or while working, untraceable colleagues and visitors who have to wait at the reception and who do not know where to go. These are all unnecessary situations that are at the expense of productivity.

Today employees want to organize a meeting easily, reserve a room or workplace directly, send invitations to all participants quickly and arrange catering and other services independently. They prefer an optimal availability of flexible workplaces and dislike claiming desks by colleagues. Their guests don’t have to wait too long at the reception and must be at their destination as quickly as possible.

GoBright meets these needs. We are creating availability and support employees with three accessible concepts for Meet, Work and Visit Management. So that they are able to do their work smartly, pleasantly and efficiently. We are giving organizations the opportunity to develop new ways of working successfully. If employees can create availability very easily, they will use these solutions automatically, because they offer a lot of benefits. Due to better use by employees, data from usage becomes more complete and reliable. Data that can be used to manage and adjust, make more efficient use of rooms and workplaces and save costs and energy.

GoBright is a Dutch company, founded in 2016 and part of the Lumen Vera Holding. All our solutions are developed by our own programmers. We operate internationally and use an accomplished and professional distribution and reseller channel. Our focus is on office and project designers and audio visual and it resellers.

Technology makes it possible, GoBright makes it available.

Make smarter use of your office space

It's no secret that digital smart office solutions are the future to manage the modern office. At a modern office people work, collaborate, meet, connect and want to be inspired. In an environment where they have access to all relevant information and where they can work whenever, wherever and how they want. In a smart office, innovative techniques are applied to improve the working environment. This increases the comfort and productivity amongst employees and helps you understand their behavior. Technologies that communicate with each other, the employees and the IT infrastructure of the company. Everything and everyone is interconnected.