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Heritage Bank, Retail Branches

Project: Heritage Bank, Retail Branches


4 x Philips Ultra-Narrow Bezel Commercial Displays

65-inch Philips Commercial Display

49-inch Philips Commercial Displays

Integrator: DAT Media

Heritage Bank enlisted the services of DAT Media to deploy a digital signage solution across its network of branches to enhance the customer experience and streamline marketing communications. 

In addition to video walls and high-brightness customer-facing display screens, Heritage Bank recognised an opportunity to engage customers, lower perceived wait times, and make life easier for customers with touchscreen kiosks, which allow them to explore product information, email themselves soft-copy brochures, request a callback to make an appointment and to search branch BSB numbers.


This rollout wasn’t Heritage Bank’s first foray into digital signage but partnering with DAT Media coupled with a rock solid marketing strategy made for a very different result. DAT Media General Manager, Sam Dalzell, comments: 

“There’s no shortage of digital signage being rolled out in retail, and the banking sector is no different. But in DAT Media’s experience, much of it isn’t particularly well resolved: clients struggle to maintain it and often struggle to understand exactly what its purpose is. 

“For the signage network to really succeed it needs a strong client strategy and a robust technical platform underlying it. When that comes together then you have every chance of success.”


Powered by DAT Media and with all digital signage equipment running on the Chrome platform, Heritage Bank has established a reliable, secure, easy-to-use system to bring the in-branch digital experience to life. 

Jane Calder, General Manager Marketing at Heritage Bank, followed the design and roll out every step of the way: “We are putting people first in the digital age by using digital signage and kiosks to connect with and engage our customers and to streamline Heritage Bank’s marketing communications”.


Facing into the shopping mall in the front window of the branch a well placed 65-inch Philips commercial digital display panel engages shoppers, invites customers inside and highlights Heritage Bank’s current promotions.


Learn more about the Philips 65BDL3000Q Q-line display


Inside the branch multiple high-bright 49-inch Philips commercial screens continue to connect with customers and profile helpful information for branch staff associates and consumers alike.


In addition, two of these Philips 49-inch screens are double sided and face outside to where shoppers use the parking paystation near the ATM.


Learn more about the Philips BDL4990VL V-line display


A standout feature in all new Heritage Bank branches is a 2 x 2 video wall which comprises four 55-inch Philips commercial screens with extra fine bezels, captivating branch visitors from behind the tellers.


The landscape video walls feature Heritage Bank’s marketing team’s latest digital video campaigns along with corporate branding and lifestyle images.

Learn more about the Philips BDL5588XC X-line display


The Philips display is instantly attractive on account of its super-narrow bezel that helps create that ‘almost-seamless’ video wall look — nothing worse than seeing important content getting lost in the seams between screens.


A ‘failover’ function is also important: If the display loses touch with its primary video source for whatever reason, the screen calls on user-defined fallback content from its internal memory, which means you don’t have the embarrassment of a dead screen. The Philips screen is a high-brightness display that easily cuts through daylight and architectural lighting. What’s more it’s miserly with its power usage and is rated for 24/7 operation.