Proficient audio speaker systems are the leader of in-home audio and speaker solutions. For two decades, Proficient audio and home theater systems have provided AV system integrators, superior sounding products for home theater, whole house and outdoor sound systems with rock solid reliability. This has become the guiding principle of everything Proficient audio and home theater systems deliver from top-of-the-line Signature Series architectural speakers to the new Protege Cabinet Loudspeakers and more.

Proficient Signature

Proficient audio and home theatre system flagship product line built for the discerning client who wants the very best. These speakers are adjustable for up to nine different listening enviornments. They have an ultrawide frequency response, high performance power handling, custom tuning, and they incorporate the best materials for uncompromised performance and reliability.

Proficient Protege

Smooth, stealthy matte black speakers designed to blend with any decor. Every model features the best combinations of ddrivers we have ever assembled: precise, powerful graphite woofers paired with exceptionally accurate silk dome tweeters.