Welcome to Plinius Audio where quality reproduction of music is at the heart of everything we do.

Plinius was founded in 1980 and the company’s early vision was to provide a high-fidelity listening experience for local customers in New Zealand.

Listening to High Fidelity reproduction of music can give you a lift or soothe and relax you depending on your needs.

Can you afford to miss out on this experience by listening to your favourite music on anything but the best system? We don't think you should have to and Plinius solutions get you into true High-Fidelity listening.

Take a look at the beautifully crafted music systems illustrated on these pages and when you have selected one that looks right for you contact us or ask for a demonstration of a Plinius system that suits your listening style. Once you have experienced our sound you'll never go back.

The time will come when you are ready and we'll be here to help you.

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Power Amplifiers

With our extensive range of power amplifiers Plinius has a unit that will drive your chosen loudspeakers comfortably and provide you with a great listening experience.

Years of experience designing amplifiers and listening to what our customers want has resulted in products that deliver pure distortion free amplification that allows even the most difficult to drive speakers achieve their best performance.

From the unsurpassed Class A Reference A-300 with its high current delivery through to the more understated Class AB units there is a product in our line up to satisfy your needs.

Integrated Amplifiers

Plinius integrated amplifiers fill a special niche in many great systems.

Integrated amplifiers have a smaller footprint than separate components and they are more economical to make because they combine both the preamp and power amp stages into the same chassis.

Plinius has for years had a great reputation for producing great, highly regarded amplifiers in this category. The current range has exceptional award winning pieces that can drive any speakers and will grace any listening environment with their lustrous finish and simple elegance.


Plinius' well proven and reliable preamplifier circuit designs do a great job of protecting the tiny signals from your source components and presenting the power amp with a clean distortion free signal.

As well as managing the delicate signals from the source the preamplifier is a routing and control centre for the music system and excellence here allows the power amps in the system to faithfully drive the speakers to evoke all the emotions the artists have poured into their work.

Invest in one of Plinius' preamps and you have secured the start of the amplification journey that will ultimately give you all the pleasure you expect.

Phono Stages

Listening to music captured on vinyl is for some people the 'ONLY' way. At Plinius we appreciate that and recognise that it brings a special sound but more than that it allows a tactile relationship with the medium that somehow adds another dimension to the listening experience.

It takes a lot of skill and special effort to protect the very small signal from a record cartridge and you can trust Plinius to get this right for you.

We have made phono stage amplifiers since 1980. The Koru is an outstanding award winning unit that doesn't disappoint the most ardent fan of vinyl. Joining the Koru is the P100, our brand new phono stage. This compact little unit packs a powerful punch. Delivering on style as well as acoustic performance.

There are also phono stage options available among our Integrated and preamplifier ranges.

Digital Source Components

At Plinius we recognise that without a great source, the amplification results will be far from satisfactory so we recommend that auditioning a Plinius source compnent is well worth your while if you want realise your system's full potential.

If it's a traditional red book CD player you seek or a Network Player that will access your large digitally stored music libraries, we offer very competitive solutions and they all feature our highly regarded 192DAC.

Take a look at the networked capabilities of our latest products where the Arataki iPad application controls both the player and your stored media.